You probably heard about the New Twitter System called Speedfollo crated by Kimball Roundy.

Well I am here to tell you that I was a little bit skeptical about it. No, not about getting targeted followers but their affiliate program. But after I optimized my blog post to rank high in Google’s search engine I started referring people to SpeedFollo like crazy. I am still a FREE member but as soon my referrals start upgrading their account I’ll do the same in order to make 50% commission. Look at snapshot on how I dominate the keyword Speedfollo.( I even beat their own hompage 🙂 )

There is a 1 (One) level (NOT MLM) affiliate program that will pay out commissions for referrals to the Elite and Pro membership levels. Free members will be able to earn 15% commissions on all personal sales. Pro members will be able to earn 30% on all personal sales and Elite members will be able to earn 50% on all personal sales.

All sales will result in commissions earned monthly for each time the members pay their monthly membership fee, for as long as the referrals remain an upgraded member at either the Pro or Elite level.

Advertisements is still in beta mode. In two days it is going to live and viral.

Kimball Roundy has a pretty good track record of success ( SpiderWeb Marketing System, anyone?).He’s constantly coming up with great ideas to generate leads and get paid at the same time. Brilliant.

I like the Twitter Tool System’s 12 sec video feature. It is a pretty cool personal touch. Videos are powerful and you have 12 sec to engage your possible followers.

Let your voice be heard in the comment section! is a hot Twitter system that enables you to get  targeted massive amount of followers on autopilot.

Twitter System that enhances the way you use Twitter and how you get REAL, Targeted Twitter Followers who are actually interested in what you have to say.

With normal following on Twitter, all you have to go by when deciding whether or not to follow someone (And when someone is deciding about you) is their Picture, brief BIO, location, website and their recent Tweets. But with you can add a whole new dimension to your Twitter experience and get more real followers by incorporating a 12 second video to your profile.

This 12 second video will give you the opportunity to give your prospective followers the key reasons why they should follow you

After signing up as a free member I looked at their affiliate program I decided to upgrade to the Pro level. As an affiliate you can make a decent amount of monthly residual income. It’s super easy all I have to do is write a couple of blog post here and there and perhaps tweet about it to my 45k followers to get them sign up.

====> Find out if Twitter Follower System is for you!

Who is George Brown?

He is 19 years old and has been an internet
marketer for 2 years with great success creating a 7 figure business. Traffic
is not his first product. Late last year he released Google Sniper
which was a huge success and was the top selling clickbank product for
several weeks.

What’s inside George Brown Traffic Ultimatum?

George gives you many different traffic methods and they are not all the same old rehashed ones.
Some you have heard of but he puts his own twist on them and some we
heard for the first time from George. These traffic methods can be used by
beginners or advanced internet marketers.
There are 3 Pdfs that cover free traffic, paid traffic and seo (search engine
optimization). There is also 9 hours of content in 21 videos. There are 13
modules that include the following topics:

• SEO and market research
• Syndication Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Social Network Marketing
• Conversation Marketing
• Buzz Marketing

• Piggyback/Integration Marketing
• PPC (Pay Per Click) & Adwords
• Contextual Advertising
• PPV (Pay Per View)
• The Super Advanced “Ninja” Stuff

George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum™– The Only Course You’ll Ever Need On Traffic!

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